Student diary :Newfoundland Tour——记翰林小学加拿大行走课程(十七)

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Last Friday, I went to Newfoundland with my family, where I lived with my parents and her sister.

On the first day we went to the famous beach in the area, or to the stone beach, where I picked up a few beautiful stones: a round purple stone, a long, flat green stone, and an oval  Gray stone.  Chelsea's grandmother gave us a small canvas, we can use these stones to create beautiful works on the canvas, I made a sunset picture and a little girl.  Chelsea painted a rainbow of love, wrote: Merry Christmas, also wrote my name, said to me.

The next day we went to the hot springs. The great thing is that the hot springs are their own, or electric. They can make a lot of small bubbles. It’s amazing. I fell in love with the hot springs all at once. It feels so too.  Enjoy, too comfortable.

The short trip to Newfoundland ended in laughter and reluctance.